From the Bottom of my Feet to the Top of my Head

I have been seeing Robyn for regular one-on-one (FI) sessions for four years as well as attending some classes she has taught. I am absolutely committed to regular FIs where she attends to my body’s needs with her gentle manipulations.

My body would protest loudly if it thought for a moment it would not come under the dedicated attention of Robyn’s hands. It knows all too well of the benefits. At the end of the FIs, I have felt like the Incredible Hulk with a sensation of positive expansion in my chest (no, I did not change to a green colour); I have felt like a giraffe with a neck feeling so long and subtle (and no, I was not eating leaves from trees).

In between visits I remember her tasking me to be aware of my body’s skeleton, the links from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head, I try to practise to be in the moment and think about my wonderful gift of a body honed by Feldenkrais.  Just can’t live without Felde.

Jeanette M.