Private Sessions

Functional Integration ®

“FI” sessions are one-on-one, and specific to YOUR individual needs. They are a personalised experience with the flexibility to come at a convenient time for you, rather than fitting in with a class schedule.


You will be lying or sitting comfortably and fully clothed on a low padded table. With my hands I will guide you through a series of gentle exploratory movements. Through this process your current movement habits which are often inadvertently contributing to your pain and restrictions will be brought to your attention. Different options for moving more efficiently and comfortably are discovered. If you’re not yet feeling what you’re currently doing, then you can’t change the way you move!!


Towards the end of the session I will give you suggestions for continuing your learning at home through further gentle movement explorations that will help you to incorporate better movement into your everyday life – eg sitting, reaching, standing and walking.


Our brains and nervous systems respond best to gentle pain-free movements – so your body and brain can say “aahh I like the way this feels!” In this way you can re-train your brain using the principles of neuroplasticity.


Feldenkrais is very “experiential”. It is best experienced first hand. Enquire about my VERY special first-timer’s offer.