Parkinsons Disease

I love to introduce as many people as possible to the Feldenkrais Method for integrating mind and body. I have been participating in Feldenkrais over many years, firstly for a bad back and then just because I could see the benefits it has in awareness of body movements.

When I retired I joined a weekly Awareness Through Movement class. It was here I met Robyn who often took the class and later established her own practice.

After being diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease with rapid loss of mobility, movement and balance I began fortnightly Functional Integration sessions with Robyn. Her healing hands and sound advice relaxes my nervous system, frees my movements and reinforces the importance of integrating planned movements into everyday life.

It’s not until we experience difficulties that we realize we have moved in habitual ways since childhood. So it’s back to the drawing board to process how and why to move better. Feldenkrais is a wonderful drug free way to enhance your life.

Thank you Robyn for all your care.

Madeline R.